Québec City Tour: simply breathtaking!

Enjoy the best views of Québec City, a UNESCO world heritage treasure.

$129,95(+TX) per person
Québec, its river, its landscapes

Enjoy a truly breathtaking sightseeing experience with the 30-minute “Québec City, Its River, Its Landscapes” tour.

$179,95(+TX) per person
Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, reach new heights

You’ll fall under the spell of a vast mountainous plateau cut by deep valleys.

$279,95(+TX) per person
5 great reasons to take a helicopter tour above Québec City!

Nothing compares to flying in a helicopter. It’s a one-of-a-kind feeling that couldn’t be more different from taking a plane. The adrenaline rush at takeoff, the feeling of floating through the sky, the unobstructed views, the informative audioguide, the personal connection with the pilot—it all adds up to Québec City tour you’ll be talking about for years to come. Join us for an enriching, exciting experience the whole family will love.

It’s really worth a whirl! >>

Our tours at a glance: come fly with us!
Explore the urban sights and natural beauty of Québec City from above. With our advanced fleet of helicopters, GoHelico gives you the sightseeing getaway of a lifetime.
  • helicopter-tour-gohelico-quebec-city-01

    Helicopter tour above Québec City

  • helicopter-tour-gohelico-montmorency-falls-01

    See the Montmorency Falls aboard a helicopter

  • helicopter-tour-gohelico-montmorency-falls-02

    Fly above the Frontenac Castle in a helicopter

  • helicopter-tour-gohelico-quebec-city-02

    Fly above the famous Montmorency Falls

  • helicopter-tour-gohelico-quebec-city-03

    Discover Québec City by helicopter

  • helicopter-tour-gohelico-quebec-city-04

    Fly above the St. Lawrence River and the Island of Orleans